IRG places a strong emphasis on producing superior clinical outcomes and, to that end, has developed a sophisticated software system which tracks quality indicators such as patient satisfaction, patient perception of improvement, and standardized assessment tool scores in order to track patient progression from the initial evaluation all the way through discharge. This is the best demonstration to patients and insurance carriers that IRG is providing superior clinical results together with our partners.

Integrity Rehab Group delivers a comprehensive approach to the management of physical, occupational, and hand therapy services for physician practices and hospitals – whether it’s a start up therapy program or help with an existing program. We employ hundreds of the nation’s best physical and occupational therapists with the objective of delivering clinical excellence, efficient management, compliance and profitability for our partners across the nation. In addition, we work with some of the leading research firms in Washington, DC to insure that we (and our partners) are informed and well prepared for future and current regulatory changes.


Turnkey Management

Clinical Excellence & Outcomes

Documentation and Revenue Cycle

Compliance and Regulatory Oversight

Without any additional burden to your HR department, IRG handles all aspects of therapist and front office staff screening, hiring, HIPPA compliance, and code of conduct training, including quarterly federal exclusion checks. We credential all therapists upon hiring and maintain their licensure and certification records.

IRG performs a tailored and comprehensive analysis of each or our partners, and designs clinical programs around their needs, patient population and strategic goals. Clinic protocols are designed to be both diagnostic and physician specific to ensure the best treatment for patients. Our therapists and management team continually assess the potential for developing new services and works closely with our partners to identify and grow new specialty programs.

IRG’s proprietary Clinical Tracking Software tracks quality indicators such as patient satisfaction, goals met, functional improvement and standardized assessment tool scores in order to track patient progression from the initial evaluation through discharge. With nearly a decade of outcomes in our database, our partners and therapists benefit from having access to the data increasingly demanded by payors nationwide.

We conduct specialized ongoing training programs to ensure that all therapists are knowledgeable of the terms and conditions of Medicare and payer requirement, charge capture, and documentation. IRG follows through with ongoing training and monitoring of your billing and collections team for appropriate reimbursement and acceptable collections rates.

A highly trained team of revenue cycle specialists who work closely with our partners and their billing staff to ensure optimal billing and collection results.

The regulatory and compliance environments present many challenges that require the expertise to navigate changing government and commercial health plan requirements. IRG not only understands the complexity involved when adding therapy as an ancillary service, but we have developed sophisticated programs to address all facets of compliance including training and education, auditing, and monitoring.

IRG is committed to providing our partners and clinicians with the most up-to-date information and operational tools to help navigate documentation and regulatory requirements.  Leveraging our experience and education, IRG’s sophisticated program includes a proactive approach to stay abreast of current trends and changes.

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Integrity Rehab Group’s proprietary Clinical Tracking Software provides immediate visibility to efficiently assess, plan, and improve clinical and financial performance. We track and report on key performance indicators, including patient outcomes, a critical need for today’s practices. CTS compares results within Integrity Rehab Group and other market data to benchmark performance.

On-demand Reporting
Full Transparency
Diagnosis-Specific Assessment tools


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